Onsite Delivery & Training

Thompson Alexander will also on a time and materials daily rate, or fixed cost basis, come on-site to fully embed with clients current Talent Acquisition team to support, and solve the talent current requirements of the business.

Thompson Alexander consultants have proven onsite recruitment and talent management experience in high pressure and business critical accounts. The team will be onsite to deliver the most personal of all recruitment process, and delivery upon the talent required within a agreed fixed-duration, thus fully representing the clients brand and respecting the management of the hire.

Thompson Alexander will also train over a week or 2-weekly period onsite training of talent and internal recruitment teams at a fixed cost solution with guaranteed knowledge transfer to upskill a junior talent team.

Thompson Alexander aims to be the only place clients refer to in internal training of recruitment staff, safe in the knowledge that best practice, ethics, and brand selling are within the training whilst delivering at speed direct sourcing.

This service can also be adopted to any UK, or EU client site.